You will have a good chance to qualify for such an application if:

1. Ten years have lapsed after the date of the conviction of your offence.

2. You didn’t receive a direct prison sentence for your conviction except a sentence of periodical imprisonment or correctional supervision.

3. You have not been convicted and imprisoned for any other offence during those 10 years, without the option of a fine.

4. You were sentenced to the following sentences:

4.1. Conviction of lesser serious crimes (for example minor charges of theft, assault, fraud etc.)

4.2. Politically motivated crimes. For most crimes where a direct sentence was not laid upon except politically motivated crimes and crimes in respect of which the punishment is now unconstitutional under our new legislation.

5. You’re convicted of an offence based on race.

6. You were convicted of an offence which would not be regarded as an offence in an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality and freedom under the democratic constitutional dispensation.

You will not qualify if:

1. If a period of 10 years has not lapsed since the conviction of the crime, EXCEPT for crimes that were based on  race and/or politically motivated,  of which punishment is now unconstitutional.

2. If you were convicted of a sexual offence against a child or a mentally disabled person.

3. If your name is included in the National Register for sex offenders or the National Child Protection Register. You  may however qualify if your name has been removed from the National Register.

4. If you were imprisoned for an offence, which was not a political offence and or based on race.

5. Serious cases where the sentence is one of imprisonment without the option of a fine for example robbery, rape,  murder and assault with the intention to do grievous bodily harm.